Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Beginnings

The Falafel Place moved recently and it just ghosted on opening again. I drove by the other day and the open sign was in the door and plans were made for a Saturday morning brunch. Good thing at least one person woke up in time for this magic to happen. Here is the new spot and the address so it's easy for you to find it.I celebrated this occasion with a fresh squeezed OJ and company from the wonderful Sarde.
The brunch is always the same and it's always quality. Vegan heaven breakfast with falafel balls and tahini and hashbrowns and toast. It showed up on here not too long ago so you can peep it there should you wish. I was just too hungry to hold off eating. All in all the move for The Falafel Place looks like a success. The new spot looks nice and clean and it also looks like it can hold more people. It is also closer to my house now. 10 minute walk is a good look.

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