Thursday, July 10, 2008

A delicious afternoon.

The word on the street was that the Pyramid Falafel truck was only gonna be around this week and that's it. I got orders from Fat Mat and Soupy to get 2 each, just so they can savor it one last time. When I got there and talked to the man, my fears were laid to rest and I should be able to get falafels for the rest of my summer off. Best news. I placed the $30 order and then bounced to the Albert where we dined like kings. Soupy and Fat Mat were both pretty stoked about the falafel.
They might have even been more into the dessert...
I decided to continue brightening people's days with my dessert making. Sarde was only a block away so she was lucky!
Zoom out.
Here is what you're missin out on. Whole wheat and oat crust holding in fresh strawberries topped with strawberry glaze, made with vanilla bean.
Bear with me as I learn the ropes of a more real photography. Go out and enjoy the summer and some good food and friends.

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billy hamilton said...

come to toronto and make me sweet f00dz.