Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Freedom Toast

Sometimes people that come to visit have to leave and what better send off than a nice home cooked brunch? This luxury was extended to Mike and Cristina before they bounced back to TO. I was also using this as an excuse to work on my french toast. First try using actual measurements and it looked like it was right...oh it was right. This may have been the best one I have made and I have the recipe locked now. It was a great little endeavor this morning. Here is the finished product.
A little tempeh bacon from VWaV.
As well as some sweet potato hashbrowns that were a hybrid of two different recipes and a little of my own touch added in for good measure.
Here they are, eyes closed, about to dig in.
Have a safe trip home kids. This post was basically showcasing my love for a delicious french toast and hopefully you can share that with me. Get at me for brunch, clearly the best meal.

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