Saturday, July 26, 2008


What is this?
Someone is a little tentative whilst opening their package. I also think you can gather where this is all taking place.
Well here it is, the vegan version of the vegetarian chicken sandwich at KFC. This was a little one day late bday present from Julia to yours truly.
It was actually not bad but you need to put hot sauce and ketchup on it since it is bare bones. The bun version with mayo would be a little better I assume. Another option if you need something quick. That's about as much good as I'm gonna give it. Also, let's be real about it, you have to eat in. Getting take out just takes away from this little gem. There was a dude in there today between 1:30 and 2:00 this afternoon that got a big ol bag of chicken and was rollin through with a six of lucky lagers. You don't see that everywhere. This veggie chicken is an experience really. Get reacquainted.

I also left the camera at home yesterday and missed out on some pretty classic shit. A Wilhelm Scream killed it last night. So amazing. I love their latest record and they didn't disappoint. After the show hanging out, hittin Jim's office, gettin some food at Vi-Ann and then chillin at the toad were all pretty entertaining.

To close, both TIFS and I are officially one year older. Thanks to anyone who hung out or said word or anything. Strawberry picking and brunch tomorrow. BOOM

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