Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The yearly Shipwreck show was upon us yet again. This show was shaping up to be something else based solely upon the venue alone. When I showed up, there was still nothing going on so I set up shop right here. This is the view from where I was selling cupcakes.That's right, it was the street! Here's screweye JD, the Shipwreck handyman and mic wrecker.
Sarde is just doin her thing as usual.
I'm pretty sure that finger is for both Holden and myself.
My boy Dustin from Kelowna, frontman of Horizons, rehydrating. It was hot as a fuck inside the show. I was hot enough just selling cupcakes.
Oh Snap! It's Tracy, my new BBuddy! There is something else here...but I'm not sure what it is.
Double X Dave Vanité getting down on a sugar high!
Ms. Fenn just about to enjoy a little somethin somethin.
BOOM, Brad makes an appearance!
This is what I see at lots of hardcore shows these days...empty cupcake liners. These little guys were fortunate enough to house the vanilla chai latte cupcakes as well as the new hits...vanilla cupcakes with banana pudding filling and butterscotch buttercream frosting.
JULIA loves HARDCORE and is OUTRAGED that she missed out on treats.
The couch mosh was solid gold during Withdrawal's set.
Sometimes when beer gets spilled all over your just have to do what you can to get back what you lost. Dan Don refuses to let any of that beverage go to waste. I'm fairly certain that Matt Kelly and I are both amazed by what just transpired.
All of the bands on the bill played awesome sets and it was just a good time in general. No band pics though, sorry friends. This was the longest day, filled with baking and friends and more baking and then more friends and then a serious lack of sleep before a solo mission home to see the family and hit up a bday BBQ in honor of someone. This is what I came home to, the cat kinda peaced before I could take the pic.
Sleep was nice and it was a relaxing visit. That's it.

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