Monday, December 17, 2007


So this weekend was primed to be a pretty huge deal. Got tix to the suicide file show in Chicago where blacklisted and hope con were playing on the saturday. The sunday marked the return of the mighty xDEVASTATORx and Wu Tang all in one day. We took off for the big trip later thursday night and even though the highway was closed earlier in the day it was like driving in the summer when we went. When we got to MPLS my hip was kinda bugging me. When I woke up I knew my weekend was fucked. I spent three days hangin out on Eric's couch, thanks bro, while other people got to live it up. I'm pretty thankful for Rachel and Jawsh for coming to visit me. It would have been pretty boring if they hadn't. Also, to all the people that kept me occupied via the TM world, thanks a ton. Here's a pic that basically sums up my weekend.
I'm sure something sweet will happen soon.

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