Monday, December 24, 2007

FUN and Gifts

Scott returned to Winnipeg for the first time since he set up shop in TO. Luckily it got cold again as a nice little welcome back to Winnipeg.
The kid needed a ride from the airport so myself, Sarde
Fat Mat
and Casey
met him there and brought the party to fat mat's place. It was a nice chill evening that ended a little early since I have to get up early for a work and then a solo mission home for the holidays. Mentioning that, I got a few gifts sent my way today. Puddy and Rachel hooked it up and got me a classic book and a delicious choc mint combo, respectively. They are both on a little taste of Egypt. I am pretty excited to get into both of these gems. Scott got me this GDFT shirt, nothing like gettin company gifts for your friends. He basically saved me money so it's the goodness.
Now it's time for the gifts I got for myself but only got them when friends from Van city and TO got here. I had to pick up Bruce and Sally from the train station today but they were delayed by approx 8 hours. Then we were lucky enough to wait another hour and a half just to get their bags. VIA does not sound like an efficient way to travel...but it could scenic through the mountains...still not worth it. We grabbed some food and then I took them to where they needed to be. It was then that I got this little treat that was purchased about a month ago. I like them way more than I thought I would.
Once again the GDFT hook up came through and Scott brought me home a new fitted and a new St. A beanie. The collection will make it's way on here soon enough.
There was also a Supreme hat as well...but I think you may have seen it make more than one appearance. Well it's time to get out of da net zone for a couple days and enjoy the quiet life. Expect to see some kitties and maybe more presents and hopefully other fun stuff. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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