Monday, December 31, 2007

The Dawn Of A New Era

It's saturday night fights time! The pats were going for a perfect regular season as well. The fights were not bad...and GSP solidified his position of dominance. The pats also got the win for a perfect regular season...first one in 25 years. What better way to celebrate than a few Mexican Chili chips?There were a ton of people at Puddy's house for the fights and after that Nate and I went to a party where I saw this little guy. All this cat wanted to do was scratch the shit out of me.Then I went downstairs and saw the big cat. You know things are going good when this is the first thing you see...oh what's that behind him?JESSE! The party was at his house or his parent's house or whatever. ALL PRAISES DUE!VIVA BRASILI have no explanation for this one.Costume in hand before imminent danger.Now some bros gettin live. Jars, Xacto and The body.Braulio gettin a little this real?The girls I just met at the didn't seem to mind the smell of "penis sweat"Shit got kinda hulk later.
Then even more out of control with Bro Ryley and Matt Holden!
This is so punk it hurts.
Football all day and Sights & Sounds at the albert tomorrow night. More to come.

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