Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shut The Front Door

A planned trip, bad weather conditions, a cancelled trip, a DV lunch special just before a last minute change of heart were the precursors to my weekend. The roads ended up being perfectly fine on delayed departure time journey to the fine city of Minneapolis. What was originally just a weekend to hang out and relax and be free of the normal day to day turned out to be filled with a ton of great stuff happening in MPLS. The POS record release show, big shouts to the homie Vince for hookin us up with tickets, which I was super stoked on since I can't get enough of his new record. It also turned out that Familia just moved into Uptown and was having their grand re-opening along with a little art display by Todd Bartraud. Here we go with logo inside the new shop.
Let's just say that they mos def didn't do this shop up...
A few pieces from Todd Bartraud.
Numerous would buys.
Oh snap, it's my bros/roadtrip peoples.
Who is that? There is also the front of the shop and the shoe wall if you can tell from the pic.
Vegan Eric! The gracious host and all around good bro.
We like sports...or we'll like em when this bad boy is finished.
I only had the point and shoot with so I didn't really take any pics at POS but let's just say he ripped it. If you get the chance to see him do it. Sims was also really good as well.
After the show it was time for some food. A little late night Hard Times. Vegan philly cheesesteak. Delicious.
This little ditty was called a Binh Ma or something like that. Allow me to explain...it was seitan with jalapeno cilantro vegenaise, cucumbers and grated daikon and carrot. Well that is about what I remember it being. It was just amazing, savory and so fresh tasting.
Washed that down with a little reality.
We had caught wind of a little diner type place that did up vegan dogs real nice. We drove by it Saturday after Hard Times and decided that it would be our last meal in the Twin Cities for this journey. Sunday we ventured forth to...
There are so many different toppings for your dog here and I'll admit that maybe there aren't as many vegan options for toppings but there are enough to make a tasty treat. They also have a veggie burgers they make themselves. I got the grilled onions and pickled hot peppers on mine. Add a little ketchup and sriracha and you're living. This kinda meal would not be complete without fries and a coke.
View from the inside.
This place just oozed character.
That was the trip, expect something funny soon enough once editing happens. Good times were had. Let's end with some art.

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