Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fresh and New

The last time I took part in Wednesday Friends Day we were at Spring Roll. While a good meal was enjoyed amongst friends we caught wind that some new dishes were gonna be popping up soon. Then we got the invite to come back in a couple weeks to try them out. Today was that day. First off we had some rice ball soup. The broth was sweet and the filling of the ball kinda tasted like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It was more like a dessert soup, but good nonetheless.
Next up was an unnamed had smoked tofu, small green beans, celery and carrots. They also threw in a few broad beans for us to try the consistency out. The sauce was a bit spicy. This dish was actually really good and it turned out to be a nice change. Normally we always get greezy chinese food here but this dish was light and fresh tasting. This is a definite would order again.
Next up is the Mapo tofu, not exactly new but new to us. Another surprise, just an all around good dish. There was talk of growing up and eating healthy at this point.
Deluxe chop suey was up next and it was a tasty treat, once again only new since we never order this. A nice change from the noodle dishes you sometimes feel obligated to get when you go to a place like this.
Well that's about it for that...go check out the new dishes and enjoy.

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