Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost Bday Weiners!

Well Wednesday rolls around again and its time for Lost and some good food. This time around it's a little more special compared to every other Lost day so far. I decided to make my own little hot dog stand with all the fixins today. Of course you have to have fries with that...and Sardé loves a fry!
Here are the three creations I put into action tonight. First off is the grilled pepper and onion tofu pup with banana peppers, sriracha and ketchup.
Next up is the smokehouse chili and nacho cheese dog...yeah there is a little tofu pup underneath there somewhere.
Baked beans and grilled peppers? It is a nice combo. I only regret not putting the little bit of veggie bacon I had in the fridge into the baked beans...could have taken it to the next level. All things considered, this was a pretty next level vegan hot dog occasion already so no big deal right?
Here is Nate's creation and the reason why this day is a little more special. Happy bday bro!
Time for dessert!!! Nate had his pre meal bday present that doubled as a pre dessert before all the dogs. It was a vegan smore, he loves that stuff! Here we have a banana split ice cream sandwich made from coconut milk ice cream. These things are soooooo good. I think you can tell from the small amount of the packaging left what they taste like!
Sardé trying to enjoy her dessert in peace...
BOOM, Spike goes in for the kill!
A good night and good food and now a good night to you.

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