Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cupcakes and Art or Art and Cupcakes

Well I don't want to start this and seem like I'm stroking my ego or anything...but when I got to the art show this evening there was a single cupcake left on the plate and I had to get a pic of it. Little did I know that there were more in storage, so I kinda felt silly. The cupcakes seemed to be a hit since they were moving quick and that made sense since there were quite a few people at the show. It was with good cause, there were some amazing pieces on the wall.
Here's the man of the hour admiring a cupcake, you'll get to admire his art soon enough.
Nate is just gettin in where he fits in...amongst two of Ryan's paintings.
This next piece was not for sale as it is going to be auctioned off at the Canadian Hemophilia Society's annual Gala Dinner of Culinary Inspirations. I can fully back helping out a good cause.
This was sold by the time I got there, yeah I mean 1.5 hours after the opening.
Oh weird, another piece that was sold.
This one was still available, so make your way down there and get some great art for cheap from a good dude.
These next two pieces are from a guy who is new to the collective that do these shows. I'm a pretty big fan of both of these. If someone wants to throw a few bucks my way to make my walls look better I'd be cool with that.
This one needs to be seen in person. It's layered and doesn't translate well via photo capture.
The rest of the pieces shown here are by one of the girl's in the collective that I picked something up from the last show. She has so many nice things out right now.
Oh what does this say...
Pretty much classic is what it says!
This one is so chill and I'm 100% down.
Good colors and nice flowers. This one is screaming my name.
Probably the best 5 piece you could ever buy.
Nate owed me a few bucks that I had forgotten about and it turns out that money can be exchanged for food. Luckily The Albert had a few BBQ Tofu sandwiches, sweet potato fries and vegan aioli kickin around. My hunger for art was satiated and now my hunger for food was also taken care of.
As I was going home, I happened to look through the big ol window at The Vault and see a pretty girl brushing her teeth. Might not be a conventional brush, but certain times call for certain measures.
Bon nuit.

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