Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gala Food

The 6th annual Gala Evening of Culinary Inspirations for the Canadian Hemophilia Society Manitoba Chapter took place last night. A quick recap of the food since maybe not all of us eat food made by 4 and 5 star chefs everyday. The vegan meals were a little smaller than the regular meals but when there is only a few out of 275 it's harder to expect the world. We'll start off with the appetizer. A chickpea and sundried tomato mash along with a white bean and truffle mash served with a red pepper coulis. Both of these mashes were fantastic, a great way to start a meal.
Next up was the soup which was a ratatouille of fire roasted vegetables and was nice and simple but tasted great.
The main was much different than the meat main, that's all I'm gonna say. We had salad rolls with tofu and some veggies in them served with a spicy pepper sauce and broccoli. Some found it too spicy, but I was more than fine with it.
Pineapple and cucumber salad served with an edible orchid. I love orchids and rarely get the chance to eat them! haha. It had an abundance of flavor, which really surprised me.
This dessert is by no means vegan but it certainly looks better than a fruit plate!
Well that was the meal. There were tons of great prizes and fun and free booze for those that drink. My dad won $700 at this so it can't be that bad, actually it wasn't bad at was great! If you need an excuse to dress up, eat a great meal and support a good cause...start saving your money right now and join me at the next gala dinner in 2010!

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