Monday, March 30, 2009

Mint Chocolate Sunday

Keeping in tune with the Sunday brunches made at home that started last week, it's now time to unveil this week's brunch. I had an idea at the last brunch and was pretty excited to see it happen today. Mint chocolate waffles with vanilla ice cream.
Who says you can't have ice cream for breakfast/brunch? Clearly they have never tried these! My bummed hip kept me from going to the store and picking up some fresh mint as garnish to really seal the deal on making this look amazing. Notice the green plate to make up for the lack of fresh mint. Marks for effort? It's always nice to have a good meal with friends and this brunch was no different. Nate ended up staying a while and we watched some March Madness action and it lasted a little while so I thought why not have a quick lunch? How bout some vegan grilled cheese sandwiches cooked in a cast iron grill pan served with onion and garlic chips?
Yes, yes I will have some! That's it for today, other than finding an east indian buffet for $7.90 that had 4 vegan options plus naan! Samosas were extra but not needed as I am still full.

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