Sunday, October 28, 2007

Black Saturday

It's never the best day when some of the best veggie burgers in town won't be available until march, hence black saturday. The North Star Drive In closed for the season today, but not before it could be enjoyed one more time. This is how the journey you know it couldn't be the worst day ever. Here it is, the magic spot of delicousness. Sweet bros to dine with, young and "in love", some old dude and a tank across the street. What more could you really ask for?
Sat down to eat and noticed a couple pairs of shoes just layin around outside. Hard to do any explorin without those.
Now, what we really came for. The veggie burgers are made in house and are kinda east indian pakora flavored. You can see the toppings that come with, if you aren't me you would have pickles and curry or chili mayo on there as well. Here's to hoping that they get nayo next year and maybe vegan soft serve!
The fries are also pretty amazing.
Heavenly divine.
Don't complain about that many pics of the same's gonna be like 5 months before we can have them again. Enjoyment like this isn't gonna happen during the winter months. A little something different from later in the evening. KTHXBAI!

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Katherine S. said...

So wait, is your blog all about food?