Monday, October 22, 2007

We're all going DOWN

This last week I got a few days off work for a little adventure to Minneapolis. You know a long day is ahead of you when you are going to work overtime in the morning and then leaving right after work for MPLS. Especially when this is what you see on the clock when you wake up.
A little morning beverage never hurt anyone. I'll let you figure out what the magic is.
The ghost at my work hooked it up big time by pickin me up in the morning and pickin up the bucks. That's some real shit right there. *boop*
Just a little taste of my work. I'm sure you have tasted it before though.
The trip down to MPLS after work was pretty uneventful. No papa john's mishaps or anything of that nature. It was just rainier and foggier than a bastard! We made it down alright and kept vegan eric up longer than he wanted to...but that's just how it happens sometimes. The next day started off by sleeping til noon, which was pretty amazing. A quick little lunch at chipotle starring the usual suspect with all the fixins.
As well as a sweet lunch bro. You might not recognize this specific face...but keep yours eyes peeled. You might even get it flipped on ya.
We hit Whole Foods for a jamba juice then made our way to the mall. Weekday trips are amazing. No lines at the border or at the mall parking lot. We kinda tore the mall up. Luckily found the best vegan protein powder out there. I really really enjoy it, so look at it and start to love it as I do.
Got some other stuff at the mall, but we'll talk about that later. Also found my new jam at the mall. Caribou Coffee soy white hot cocoa with mint. It's basically amazing. I only wish they had them here. You can't win them all though. After the mall we met up with Rachel at Ikea so I could cop some housewares but SURPRISINGLY
it kinda sucked. I didn't get anything. I realize it's hard to go in there with a specific plan. If you just want something random and aren't sure what you want it could be the perfect place for you. I however just took some funny pics and may or may not have fallen on the floor laughing. We had to chill at Eric's place and wait for him to depart for the evening. I was eagerly anticipating a rave.
Eric got home and we busted to get some food. Evergreen is quickly becoming my favorite place to eat in the Twin Cities. Puddy, Eric and Rachel accompanied on this fine evening. The menu included mock sesame chicken, which is my fave dish at the moment
and a couple dishes of sweet n sour mock chicken
The last two pics have two things in them! Pepper fried mock pork was also there.
The new dish that we picked this time was mock beef lemongrass and it was amazing. I need to go back and try the whole menu. It's also nice going with light eaters...if you know me!
After the food was done it was time to get to the reason for the whole trip. DOWN. We showed up at the best time possible. We walked in the door, took a quick peek at the merch and boom Down started playing. Let's just say that Down has quite the fanbase and there weren't very many colored people to be seen. I guess that's what happens when you have an actual band from the south playing southern rock. There he is, the man himself, Phil Anselmo. First time I have seen him and let me tell you that his stage presence is quite amusing. If you get the chance, go see him. Beside him is the world's number one man. PJK. If you wanna look like a man, just copy him. It's easy.
Looks like the whole place is on fire and my camera apparently doesn't allow me to take good pics of great bands.
This is what I was hoping for at the show. A huge cloud of smoke. I'm straight edge and all but I was fully expecting to be high by the end of the show. That didn't happen and I'm a little bummed. Odd coincidence that I saw Down on edge day? Even though edge day is a bunch of shit. My life is a neverending edge day. Get into that.
Time for a little post Down fashion show. I picked up a couple fitteds at the mall and here they are.
Oh boy, here they are again!
I also own a time machine that goes back approx one decade. I seem to run into people from the mid 90's all the time now. Also, thanks to this guy for hookin us up with a place to stay. Now it's impossible for him to say no...due to me having a key to his house. International.
A pretty hilarious tattoo on who...
Yeah it's Jawsh. Ladies get on this...srsly...
or maybe this...if you can handle it.
Surprising laughter!
Mirror mirror on the wall...who's the sexiext bitch of them all? Looks tasty I know.
The photoshoot was tiring so we decided to sleep in again...this time only till eleven! It's like the whole day was ahead of us. We met Rachel for lunch at Pizza Luce and I found out that sometimes flowers don't even make a girl smile.
Some kinda super fresh tasting mock duck hoagie with carrots, cucumber, red onions and cilantro was the weapon of choice for today.
The rest of the day was spent at Familia skate shop in St. Paul. If you live in the Twin Cities go to this place. They have some awesome stuff and are just good dudes at this place. Super Target was then hit up for all sorts of usa exclusive veggie meats. The dollar makes eating delicous food more and more affordable! We were quickly running out of time so supper included jamba juice, veggie riblet sandwiches followed by chocolate vanilla pudding and then some delicious cookie dough ice cream. In essence it didn't sound very vegan, but it was and it was pretty amazing. We had the pleasure of fighting rush hour traffic to get to the Myth in the suburbs to see ETID and Maylene and The Sons of Disaster. This is the new hardcore right here. A venue that has an Ashley Furniture store in the same parking lot.
Digital cameras nor caribeeners were allowed in the venue so you missed out things such as the VIP section. This consisted of a dad and his underage daughter and her friends dining on pizza and drinking lemonade and iced tea out of caraffes. You also missed this show having more people than the NaS show at the same venue, not sure how that works. Oh yeah, caribeeners are considered weapons to them...since you can use them as brass knucks, obviously. The main thing that was missed was the sighting of the world's number two man. Andy from ETID, he owns it. Burly ass beard, long hair, western shirt, tightish jeans and brings it fuckin hard. Luckily ETID wasn't closing and Underoath was so we were able to leave really early. Both bands I wanted to see rocked it pretty hard and on the exact route back to the freeway home...there happened to be a place that contained my new jam/bane.
Classics never hurt.
Goodbye worst place in the world.
Overall the trip was pretty good. The two hours of sleep I had before going to work after driving all the way home, not so good. Sometimes you gotta pay the price though. It was nice to see friends and eat good food, everything else was just a bonus. Stay tuned for a nice everything copped pic. I'm sure it'll be fun. Also found out about a pretty amazing show in Chicago happening in Dec. I wanted to go to chitown just to hit the chicago diner and hang out...but now I have an even better reason. The magic just never stops. Take care and enjoy your life...until next time.


Katherine S. said...

This entire post kinda made me want to cry. :(

calories said...

I know what the magic is. Not surprising, I know.

stacey said...

good job letting the house of cred know you were in town.