Monday, October 15, 2007

Ups and Downs

So it's Monday and all day I didn't feel like being at work. I was lucky enough to have a meeting to go to right after work. Just before I left work I found out about the big down of today...that being a serious lack of Prison Break on tonight and not getting to see any of this.Since I had some time I decided to cook a little something up for myself. Here is one of the ups of the day. The mock duck with hot tomato stir fry I cooked up. The finished product and the vantage point of where the magic happened to create this.A little more finished product.Now thanks to Gavin, I'm back in the Curb Your Enthusiasm game. Season 6, the first two episodes are in my possession. The first one failed to disappoint and I'm pretty stoked on watching the next one tonight. Larry David.A pretty good way to end a day that just wasn't bringin it. Tomorrow the departure on the big down journey starts. Do not get that last statement twisted...this has the potential to be the hugest up ever. Phil Anselmo...amazing. Have a good week friends.

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