Monday, October 22, 2007

Friday Night Lights

When I was in the twin cities I got a TM from bro Nate askin if I wanted to go to the bomber game on friday night. He got some free tix so we decided to do it up. I was pretty stoked on that. I haven't been to a game in quite some time and think the boys have a chance at doin something big this year. I also had a mere two hours of sleep upon return and had to work a full day. I was anticipating a nap when I got home but that just didn't happen. Nate and I decided to hit India Palace for a little buffet action. Rice with a couple samosas on top covered with curry chick peas and curry mix vegetables topped off with some tamarind sauce...I could eat this all the time. Nate eats at the speed of life while always holdin it down for Raybeez.
Our seats might not have been the best but they were free and were still pretty damn amazing and you could see everything. In case you're wondering, we were at Canad Inns Stadium where the bombers play. All said in the endzone.Buzz and Boomer...what game would be complete without them?
A bunch of cheerleaders all bundled up. Basically babes in hiding getting the crowd going. Didn't need much of that on this night though, the bombers handed it to Calgary like it was nobody's business. Chocolate Milt got a TD and Wink tore up the running game. We just gotta ride this out til the end of the season now.
This is really football. Peanuts in the shell and the late night stadium lights. Enjoy.
After the game the fireworks started. We all loved it as kids and we should still love it now. Just sit back and enjoy a few with me.
The fireworks are all you can tell. Still in awe...amazing.
Basically an amazing evening for next to no money. Thanks for hookin it up Nate. More comin.

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