Monday, November 5, 2007

Time has passed...

It's been a minute since I updated so I thought I should get at it. It's been a really quiet week. I kinda had a little injury so I decided to keep it on the low. Had the pleasure of handin candy out to five kids on halloween, a new low for the time I've been here. I guess that gave me more uninterrupted time to play GH3 so that can't be the worst. Got free tix to the bomber game on friday so I rehooked Nate and decided that a blog documenting the exact same stuff wasn't particularly necessary within a two week time period. Oddly enough the people sitting next to us asked Nate if his name was Cory...she appreciated Montel Jordan though, so who am I to criticize her? Bombers won again, but the roughriders fucked it up. I need to get to tix to every remaining game for both Nate and I since they haven't lost with both of us in attendance. Hung out with Bailey after that game since dude is going on tour then moving back to Vancouver. On the way home we picked Hendo up from work and heard that some dude got bottled, then he knocked that dude out then he got cut up pretty bad. Oh the life of Bar I. Today was filled with football and my mom and her sisters coming in for a special occasion. Before that...Pats won and are still undefeated. My prediction is still holding true. Super Bowl goes to New England this year. Now for the special occasion that members of my family made the trek for. You only get one guess as to what it was.
They try to steal your dignity at these little shindigs! She was not letting it happen.
Four generations...that is worth time in this blog any day of the week.
There are no pictures of my mom in here, even though she made a day trip out of it, since she wouldn't let me take any. How can you argue with that? The quiet times are going to continue for a bit in my world since I have to make sure that I power up for tour later this month with Daggermouth. I promise that there will be some goodness during and after tour though. To close out this post I'd like to wish Cristina a happy bday and you just might get an awesome present this year...though ya just never know. That's it, take care, goodnight.

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