Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekend At Home

So I missed a day of work due to some weird lump on my hand. Not really a benefit for me but whatever ya know. I was feelin a little better so I headed home for the long weekend. Visiting family before some hectic times and relaxing is never a bad idea. Getting to BBQ again was also pretty fantastic. I didn't have my camera with me when I had the chance at capturing some wildlife nice and close. Two deer were chillin in a field not far from the road, but they will go unrecorded. Hopefully they didn't do the same thing starting today, since it is hunting season and all. My parents don't like having their picture taken and I respect that so here is the rest of my family at home. Mama Phoebe is pretty prominent with her blue eyes here. Gabby is the big grey and white dude just vibin out in the back and Luca is the black with a little bit of white dude not showing his face in this pic. These are all Phoebe's children. I'll let the rest of the pics speak for themselves, so enjoy. You'll realize that I love cats pretty soon and that a certain someone here is a little photogenic. The three youngsters don't have names yet. Shoot suggestions my way.

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lionamelie said...

your family owns the cutest cats ever.