Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Round 2

A little late or a little early depending on where you are! This was the evening compliment to a nice relaxing day of watching football. Simple seitan sliced then and then soy milked and flour breaded and fried served with gravy. Then the real deal that makes any holiday meal worth it, beet leaf holopchis! My mom made them and then I made the dill cream sauce to go with them. Leftover proof.
That was followed up by a "little" pumpkin pie that Chill made. Once again, it's nice to have a pro baker in your midst on the regular.
This happened.
Then this happened
I could only put one of those pieces away, that pie was both dense and delicious. It was a pretty filling day to say the very least.


Brittany Boersma said...

What an impressive slice! Looks awesome!

jonimarie said...

Everything on that plate looks amazing! i can't wait for thanksgiving...please share what you can about that pie! I need to make one!

veganf said...

How did you make that divine looking topping??! Must. Have. Recipe!

Andrea said...

That pie looks AMAZING.

stellatex said...