Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Numerous Knockouts

Pretty much any UFC that is remotely worth watching gets watched with a bunch of people at Puddy's crib. What goes perfectly great with that kind of event? Snacks obviously! There was some little bits n bites and this and that. Highlight of the small stuff was coconut cashews that I picked up at a bulk spot. True story, possibly the greatest snack version of the cashew ever. Onto the real highlights of the night though. We'll start off with Chill's fruit salsa served with cinnamon sugar crispy triangles(I clearly forget what said triangles were made of).
Then to finish off the night was the dynamic duo of apple pie ice cream with cinnamon vanilla crumbs and chocolate marshmallow ice cream.
Needless to say, the weekends are a time of maximal food consumption. A very delicious version of that particular activity! The KO reference in the title relates to the fights and food induced comas that come from these particular evenings. Ha!

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