Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Eats

This is another example of having a post saved up for when you get busy or maybe just don't feel like doin too much. Billy was in town last month and that always means good food and serious chillin. We decided he had to try the newest spot in town with vegan fare...The Lo Pub Bistro. We started off with the chickpea fritter app that came with a couple weird sauces and I cannot for the life of me remember their names, but they were great.
A little caesar salad with bread followed. A nice simple salad that was really really good. I actually want to eat some of this right now. ha.
Now to the main courses and the one dish that most people seem to talk about and that is the veggie fish n chips. Some house made seitan wrapped with seaweed and then lightly breaded and fried. There is a tartar sauce like thing that comes with this and is great. We also got some miso gravy for the fries, you gotta live right? This is very good and it was actually the second time I had it!
Pigs in a blanket...for dinner? Yes! This time it was house made veggie sausage wrapped in a corn crepe with some southwestern veggies and a rugged mustard dipping sauce. A nice change from covering this dish in syrup like I normally would for brunch.
Is there anything wrong with having a piece of black forest cake for dessert? Even if it was the only vegan dessert option, I'm sure most people wouldn't pass it up.
Billy blogging in progress...hope to see this before the month ends here.
Also, its a good thing that Billy likes to get his gamble on and win some $$$ playing poker. Why would I bring that up? Well let's just say that this is me thanking him again for the wonderful dinner that he treated Nate and myself to! Now, here is the man in action keeping all his loyal fans happy!
Then it was off to the tour bus to relax in comfort. The size of this TV might not translate well due to this picture, but let's just say that it was a nice size and the Xbox 360 was a nice touch as well.
Are these the same jeans that sponsor both Silverstein and TJ? WTF!?
A benefit of having a great bro that is constantly on tour is that he sometimes brings you treats that you can't find at home. I may have eaten two of these thanks to Billy.
Yeah, it's on the rider.
Well that was a nice little catch up post, hopefully some real time posts start happening in the near future. Take care.

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Felicia said...

I am so curious about those chickpea fritters! I want to try them.