Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FavreBQ Sammies!

Tonight was Brett Favre's first time facing his former Packer teammates and that alone was cause for a few friends watching some football. Also, people gotta eat while watching a good game right? Yes they do! I had my eye on a recipe from Vcon and decided tonight was the night to try the BBQ seitan slaw sammie. We ended up using a bought chipotle BBQ sauce and it turned out to be pretty tasty. Here it is just before being devoured.
Not pictured is the delicious root beer that washed this gem down. A great night for football and food. Now Favre is the only QB in the history of the league to have beaten all 32 teams. Kaboom.


Felicia said...

Is it the seitan that is orange and purple? If not..what is that? super interesting!

xBEEPSx said...

Purple cabbage and carrot slaw. mhmm.

Anonymous said...

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