Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Return of The Teese!

Well there was one magical flavor of Teese left in my fridge from the bounty that Nate brought back and I had promised him that we would partake in it together. I had to put forth an admirable amount of restraint to wait for him, so today was a great day. A day filled with a reward for playing that waiting game. The Teese cheddar sauce was warmed up with a little soy milk so that it was nice and smooth and I added some sundried tomatoes to it. Some veggie fusilli was cooked up and tofurky italian sausage was browned and mixed in with the pasta and then the Teese sauce was poured over and then enjoyed!This sauce is super easy to make and I'm a fan of a creamy mac n cheese and this def hit the spot. The only problem is that now I want more! Not exactly the worst problem in the world, I know. Hopefully that particular problem will be dealt with real quick.

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