Monday, May 4, 2009


As each day passes I have been getting slowly better and gradually increasing my mobility and have been wanting to eat more delicious food. Since I don't really want to be in the kitchen for long I have been trying to think of quick dishes that aren't effort intensive. Today brunch was just that with soyrizo tofu scrambler and roasted potatoes. I had help with it and didn't take a picture of it, I think I was just too hungry and forgot. For dinner I had an idea...why not make a quick warm peanut sauce with onions in it and use this to grill a veggie chicken breast and also use it to top said breast? I put some vegenaise and avocado on the bottom of this new burger and topped it with the grilled breast, onions and sauce.
This just needs something with a little bit of acidity or bite to round it out and I'll be perfectly happy. It was nice to have something different.


INVASION said...

I am making something rather similar to this right now.

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