Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost, Calzones and Smores!

What better way for Lost to go out with a bang than with a little bit of deliciousness...or maybe even more than a little. It's not in the title to this post but there was def some RC Cola consumed along with this feast. First off is the calzones and here they are gettin nice in the oven.
The filling for these bad boys is some veggie italian style sausage sauteed to brown it a bit and when it is almost done cooking I added some soaked and diced sundried tomatoes, diced artichoked hearts and spinach that had been chopped up. Took it off the heat and covered the pot and let the spinach wilt. Then I added a very small amount of tomato sauce to bind it together. Then put a little Teese mozza and folded the dough up. Then brushed it with melted margarine that has a little garlic powder and oregano in it to help it brown up nice.
These turned out amazing. Could very well have been the best calzone I have ever calzone back catalog is a little slim though. Time for dessert!!! Here are some smores in the making using Dandies vegan marshmallows.
Sometimes you get a little greedy and put too much marshmallow on your smore and it's hard to get them off the baking sheet. The chocolate is a little hard to see here since I didn't give the smore a little smush down to have it run down the marshmallows a little bit.
I will apologize/ask for forgiveness with the pics in this post since I was so hungry and in a hurry to watch Lost. On that note, getting my mind blown by the show and this food.

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