Friday, May 15, 2009

Mad Love

I was chillin after catchin the season finale of 30 Rock last night and it was completey amazing, which I'm sure I've said on here already. Nothing wrong with a little reiteration though. I wanted to catch Asher Roth on the Jimmy Fallon show. I found one thing out early, Fallon is not exactly funny. Asher made up for it with a dope song backed by The Roots. I was also surprised to see Black Thought rocking a King Stampede fitted so I hit up my homie Teddy King over at BoundlessNY/King Stampede to let him know they were getting some TV love. Dude hit me back and said he was gonna give me props on the blog.
Does it count my name was misspelled and I didn't get linked? haha. It's all love though, let's hope I get some goodies for the mistake made.

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