Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Great Saturday

What better way to start off a weekend than with a nice little brunch? I can't think of anything, true story. It was off to the Black Sheep Diner since last time I was there I noticed they had vegan options on the french toast and pancakes. I was pretty excited to try something new. I think I was just really happy to be out and about and hangin out with friends and meeting new ones and all that kinda good stuff that comes with not being stuck in your house. Here are a few things integral to a great brunch outing: a delicious drink, some punk and something to see later.
Hmmm...what does that taste like?
Oh yeah, international flavor.
This was taken immediately post the writing down of either caribbean or cuban oregano on Alfredo's hand. Had I been quicker, there would be no doubt as to what it really was. Oddly enough, this man had a mathematical equation etched into his arm. How can you not enjoy that at brunch?
This guy might be making me a frame in the very near future so I can adorn my walls with some art. Oh yeah, we tried to do a crossword puzzle and it turned out to be fun. Apparently I love everything these days. After that it was over to the plaza to see the Habitat team demo. We had to drop off a deck for one of the dudes since he left it at the place of one of the dudes who was havin brunch with us. Trust me, it sounds ridiculous because it is! The reason everyone was here today, Mr. McDermot was havin the launch of his pro model with Habitat. Here he is sayin a few words and those are his decks you're lookin at. My personal fave is the one on the left. Merging Manitoba and Egypt into one? Perfect. It even says coexist. They should be in the shops here soon so go show some love.
Now, the voice of everything that happens at the plaza. Marky always has the sweetest shades. You might notice that it looks like a LA Dodgers logo on these glasses...well the arms have Los Angeles on them. So certified. Wil Evans, that one is for you.
Onto the real awards of the day. Best hair.
Best hat.
Keepin the day movin, went from the plaza to get some groceries for grilling. BBQ season is dwindling and we thought it might be time to try something a little different. Tons of veggies for the grill, always good. McGee, you grill.
Jim, you take out the trash.
Asparagus on the grill, always. Red onions in the background...the makings of a little salad.
Finished products. Grilled romaine, asparagus and red onion salad. Lemon, garlic and oregano veggie chicken breasts and grilled chili yams.
Veggie burger with grilled romaine, grilled red onions and grilled pineapple. This was taken just before the ketchup was applied. If I would have thought ahead and brought my homemade mayo I might have died when I ate it.
Well that's about it for the day. I was so tired from stayin up late and bein out and about all day. It has been nice to kinda do what I want the last few days. A big thanks to everyone I have seen the last two days and for making everything so amazing. I look forward to this trend continuing on. Goodnight.

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