Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Week Late.

It was time once again to make to voyage to babylon, since Nas, Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli and Crime In Stereo were playing, not all at the same show mind you, amongst other things such as hangin with good friends, eating great food and riding bikes. As usual we had to make a much needed pit stop at the border to get the car searched. Then it was on to foreign energy drinks and other highly processed snacks that contribute to the glory that is american obesity. We had to make a stop in Albertville since Puddy needs to save money on clothes for Mac. Maybe the best reason to stop there. Here we are searching for the kids clothing stores...
Well Puddy is gone and doo dee doo...
Peek A Boo!
I gotta get the fuck outta here!
I only picked up two things at the outlets. I got some no show nike socks and wowzers, they are some of the best I have ever had. I only brought it up cuz socks are an important issue, or at least I assume they are to others. The other item was a bit of destiny and fate and whatever else all wrapped up into one. I don't think a picture would do it justice other than giving me a break from describing it. It just happened to be a twins fitted with the TC logo on a blue hat. The kicker with this jam is that the TC was basically cut out of an american flag. It is my new official border crossing hat aka my way to show that I'm so proud of the country I'm visiting. A quick stop at Chipotle and Whole Foods to seal the deal on the hunger and to plan ahead for nighttime snacks before getting to Vegan Eric's place. We dropped all the excess there and bounced to Nas and apparently he is too cool to let people with dSLRs in. "They don't understand us", fuck you pal. He did put one of the best hip hop shows on, so if you get the chance, go see the man do his thing. Don't get your hopes up for the opening acts though. I was retardedly stoked to see Jay Electronica and seein Talib at an actual hip hop show was the icing on the cake. Much to my surprise and my crew's surprise, Nas started playin late and those other dudes were nowhere to be found. Some shitty stuff but all in all a pretty great show. When they cut the music and the whole crowd was singin "If I ruled the world..." goosebumps. We met up with Jawsh and some other people that I didn't get pics of and regret it now! Some pretty rad people at that pub. Everyone was tired so that was over in a heartbeat and it was back to homebase for the night. Here is Vegan Eric doin what he does best. Purely Decadent Cookie Dough forever.
The next day it was time for a big ol bike ride. Here is Vegan Eric doin what he does best again. You already know.
Jawsh came along for the ride.
Nate gave up fitteds.
There was one pic of Puddy doin possibly the craziest bike trick of all time, but it didn't turn out well so that's that. Time to roll out.
Let's just say that it was a comedy of errors on this trip. Puddy got a flat tire and I spilled twice hard. I'm pretty sure I went over the bars both times but managed to keep my sunglasses on and not even really get hurt. The only plus side to my first venture into the world of fixed gear bikes. After a shower and a chance to chill it was off to Evergreen aka my fave place to eat in the TC. Best can of coke ever. Ever. Motherland represent. The scripty "r" in cola is actually an "l" sound in cyrillic, so no cookie cutter asian jokes prease.
Just three dudes holdin a couple cans of Koka Kola.
Here it is folks, Nate's first taste of Evergreen. Luckily he had the sesame mock chicken for this experience. It's my favorite thing to eat there, followed closely by the pepper fried mock pork. The pictures have been up before so just think of delicious or give Nate's blog a click and I'm sure he'll drop some knowledge on ya soon enough.
Oh my, here is Jawsh's friend Jess. She felt sheltered around us, what with us eating all that crazy food. I actually got her to try something new. Was mildly amazed that it happened. Once again click Nate's blog for a hilarious picture from Evergreen...if he posts it. Cross your fingers maybe?
Here are the two new dishes of the night. Kung Pao mock chicken. This turned out to be pretty dope, not too spicy but just had a good taste about it. It is still no higher than fourth place though. Sorry brah.
Curry mock duck, pretty standard but a nice change of pace. Would order again if I was with a big group but not if I was doin it solo mission.
Hilarious fortunes abound when I am around. True story.
Another true story.
Srsly, don't fuck around.
It's Jeremy! Someone I never had the chance to hang out with much in the past and found out that he is a pretty rad dude this weekend. Another bro to chill with in MPLS, since some have vanished on me.
How much are the steamed buns brah?!?!
A little art courtesy of Puddy on the way to watch Chuck Liddel get his fuckin lights put out, hopefully for good. This is a fire truck!
The USA has one thing up on Canada, that is the plethora of vegan ice cream flavors. I didn't know where to start. Not pictured from the night before are Key Lime Pie and Dulce Du Leche. Both amazing. Some fight night snack food. You can read, so I'll stop here.
Well this one might be tough, it is Snickerdoodle. Cinnamon ice cream with cookie dough. Both were bangers again.
Time to party. We met up with Jawsh and one of his friends and bounced to some bar in a fairly industrial part of town. It seemed kinda bunk, but as you can tell from the pics it was far from that!
The BB is out bitches!
Mr. Funny Face round two!
We headed downstairs after this and let me tell you, it was like the craziest car crash you have ever seen, impossible to look away. A DJ spinnin videos, a bro crippin by hisself on the floor and then basically fuckin some bitch, a dude with his shirt unbuttoned and a straw hat on, a bridal party showin up late and the DJ closin the night with the theme song from Cheers. Not just closin the night, letting the piano loop play instrumental style for at least one minute and then when the vocals kicked in Mr Solo Crippin jumped in the air and started singin every word. Just wish you would have been there.

Onto the last day in town. Breakfast at the Triple Rock, again, and it was good as per usual. Then we just chilled and watched some football before goin to see Crime In Stereo. Here is my last venture into delicious ice cream before I am stuck with the now lackluster selection here.
Back to the Triple Rock for the show and a BBQ Po Boy, no pics though. Ran into Casey there, it's been like a year and a half, and it was great to see him. Oh there is Vegan Derek!
Crime In Stereo started playin and I was using there set as the first time taking actual pictures at a show. Let me know what you think. It's a learning process but it's so nice to be able to click and get the picture you want and not what your silly little point and shoot decides to snap. ha. Here we go.
CIS's biggest fan, the one and only Matt Holden!
Leap for me motherfucker!
CIS was good, but not amazing. I'm pretty glad I saw them though. The last two records they put out are simply amazing. This ends the trip really, except for the drive through the night and one hour of sleep I got before work but those aren't exactly interesting.

I once again have fallen prey to an injury which keeps me housebound so it's been pretty quiet around here again. When I get better, things here will get better, trust that. In the meantime hit me up and entertain me while I'm stuck at home. Peace and be well.

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