Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Future Supplemental

Well it's the dawn of a new era. Catering for actual cash, a very good look. Short n sweet today but forgive the pics if they aren't up to par since lighting wasn't exactly A1. Regardless you get a look at what you wish you would have been eating today. Corn salad.
Mango tofu rolls served with sweet chili and hoisin sauce.
Black bean and seitan enchiladas topped with chili lime tomato sauce served with fresh guac.
3 cupcakes, 3 delicious treats, in order from left to right banana butterscotch, cookies n creme, and lime w/ coconut whipped cream.
Best quote from the meal "I have been waiting 3 years to eat these enchiladas" and one from dessert after someone ate a banana butterscotch joint "I think I need a cigarette". Solid Gold. Now, if you need some magic to happen just get at me and my team will make it happen. Peace.

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