Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's been a minute and I'm actually able to go out a bit again and I'm pretty stoked on that. The Spot was havin a pay the rent party so why not support and hang out? The street was oddly enough much more fun than inside. Almost didn't even make it inside on this night. Some clowns doin a self trio portrait. A little too classic to pass up.
I don't even feel like mentioning the people that were there but it was certainly nice to get out and just talk to people and hang out and such. These are apparently the stamps you get when you enter. Oddly enough both were answered with a yes.
The one and only Dustin Holden.
Hopefully more fun will continue as fall shows itself to us. Also, after hearing about it more than once tonight, click the links on the side and show some love. Boom. Peace.

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Chris Eff said...

let me just say your links are looking a lot better. thanks for blogz4ever last night