Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Baby

That weekend has arrived again...where a UFC event and the Super Bowl fall on the same weekend. Pretty much one of the best excuses to have some great food. The UFC shenanigans didn't get captured but whatever ya know. What counts is what is here and that is the super bowl snacks. I'm not gonna get into the super bowl that was marred by a myriad of terrible calls...but the Cardinals put up a damn good fight against both the Steelers and the Stripes. Food time. Frijoles et queso pupusas were first up and they were served with salsa, guac and nacho chesse sauce. There was sour cream as well for those that are into that sorta thing. A nice way to start.
Halftime showed up and that's when the nachos were fired up. Chips, then black bean and ground round mix topped with mozza and then broiled til nice n melty. Outside the oven they got the nacho cheese sauce treatment and then covered with green onions. There was salsa, guac and the sour cream for these bad boys as well. There was quite a bit made as you can tell...
Not pictured is the chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake that went along with the nachos. I think I'm still full from yesterday!

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