Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catering Weekend

This past weekend Rachel and I had the pleasure of catering the High Five Drive video shoot. The day started off earlier than most Saturdays, but that is understandable. I got to Chill's place to grab her part of the snacks for the day and I go outside to find my car has a flat tire. Needless to say I am quite enraged by this. Here is what caused the damage...
It's a good thing they had two cars around and I got to take Puddy's dad's ride for the trip. Sunfire's got a flat, now I'm ridin Neon.
Before I get to the actual catering business, I figure I should let you in on the secret of the winter claw that flattened my tire. After I did the snack drop off I went and put the donut on my car. I will also mentioned that my shoulder is messed up so I pretty much changed the tire with one arm on an icy ass street. A nice way to spend a Saturday morning. I then drove to the shop where I got my tires and the guy there takes a look at the claw and has a hard time pulling it out. He finally gets it out and is smiling a bit, then he says "I have seen a quite a few things in my day, but never's a fork". A fucking FORK! Irony. Now onto what snacks got the neon treatment. To start the day off for the band and crew they got a nice fruit plate
as well as a plate of veggies
and the mandatory hummus.
When it was time to bring lunch to the shoot, I already had a full day under my belt and was tired from watching Mind Field the night before. I realize that when I'm paid to make sure people aren't hungry it's pretty serious so the show continued on and the "chicken" and wild rice soup showed up for lunch.
The soup was served with two homemade breads, onion dill and multigrain with cherries. There is margarine in a martini glass with that, you gotta look good.
Rachel took dinner to the crew on Saturday and I chilled at home in a barely awake state of being. She made a little more than was necessary and I had what was on the menu at my house for dinner that night as well. Seitan pot pie with rutabaga and sweet potato.
Sunday was the day of extras and there was more people around. A big ol pot of chili made the journey to the set. Here is Greg about to dig into the chili, which had my secret ingredients of liquid smoke and cinnamon, with some pitas to help fill him up.
All in all it was a good weekend and a great experience to cater a video shoot. A big thanks goes out to Jim for helping me get this gig as well as Greg and the rest of High Five Drive. Keep your eyes peeled for the video on their myspace page since what I saw looked pretty damn good. If you liked what you heard, get down to The Albert on Thursday and see them play with Sights and Sounds!

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