Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mixtape Post

Another top list from 2008. I am a fan of hip hop and mixtapes are always around and pretty much online for free download nowadays. I can't complain about that. I didn't pick 10 tapes or anything, just some faves from the year. We'll start it off with Asher Roth, the new white rapper from the burbs. He's got good flow and picks some pretty dope beats for this outing. He also looks like Ben Turner so it pretty much had to make the list.
Next up is the Re-Up Gang. Clipse, Sandman and Ab-Liva make up the crew and always bring it on the mixtape with great beats and some classic/funny rhymes. If you like hearing some street shit, this one is for you. Oddly enough the first official Re-Up Gang was pretty much this mixtape over some original beats and it fell short. Grab this if you can find it. This tape was also played a fair bit when Scott and I drove from TO to Jersey on our weekend voyage at the beginning of 2008.
This was what I thought would be the best tape of the year. New cat Wale and a mixtape with Seinfeld clips sprinkled throughout, but it just got beat out in my'll know when you scroll down. This mixtape is pretty much better than most hip hop albums you'll cop these days. Spent a few minutes rockin this joint while getting myself healthy in the summer and it more than kept me occupied on my walks.
Here it is, my fave mixtape of the year. Freeway - Month of Madness. Dude went in for 31 days in December and even dropped a couple bonus jams for everyone out there. The Philly Freezer is even rocking the Familia x Fifth Element/Rhymesayers collab shirt and MPLS is like my 3rd home so that is even more points for him. Once again you can get this free of charge on the good ol interweb so do yourself a favor and grab it, chill out for a hot minute and listen to it.
Just EPs and LPs left. I'm pretty much over being hurt every weekend. That's it.

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