Monday, February 9, 2009

Late Start

My Top Ten of 2008 has been delayed an exceedingly long time due to other things taking up my time and being hurt and not wanting to sit at a computer. I'm gonna get the juices flowing and drop my fave song of 2008, along with a couple extras since one is usually never enough.

Here it is...Darkest Hour - Let's Go Caps!

This jam is the unquestionable best song for so many reasons but I will give you a few more gems to deal with since this might not get it done for everybody.

A close runner up...N.E.R.D - Anti Matter

I don't get tired of this song, I can listen to it everyday and it's still hot.

One more for the road...Jake One featuring Freeway and Brother Ali - The Truth

Two of the best MCs in the game over a nice beat, can't ask for more. Another jam I could listen to on the daily.

Coming soon: Top Ten Records of 2008, Top EPs of 2008, Best Mixtapes of 2008. Lofty goals it seems.

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