Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ch Ch Changes

Yeah, time for change also known as an actual blog post! I've had tons of stuff goin on which have kept me from this but that should be the past now. Let's quickly take care of my last TO trip. Walking to my sleep spot the first night I ran across Poutini's and fortunately it was open til 3am and had vegan poutine which just happened to accompanied by a nice soda.I actually learned something when I was there.Another stop was at Crow's Nest, and yes they have better pictures on their site than the ones that follow, which is a nice spot where a friend works. This is where the hairs get cut and that's the fridge that houses the cane sugar Coke and PBRs.
This is where Hambone gave me my first straight shave and I enjoyed it. Very very relaxing and if you're anywhere nearby go experience it and enjoy a delicious beverage.
On a quick bathroom break at the barbershop I noticed this and couldn't help but take a pic. Not too much football related goodness on here, but this was a fun way to display a serious interest of mine.Alright it is time to get ready for another trip and hopefully more good stuff to document. Hope anyone who is still checking has been well.

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