Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well I wasn't even expecting something like this to happen but I am going to get some of my photos published in a book. The book is called Call*Response and to sweeten the deal it is a fundraiser for kids help phone. I suggest you take a look at the link to see what its all about. Right after you finish doing the checking out portion of your time on that website, you should preorder your copy of the book as it is a very good price until the end of 2010. Do something good for someone one last time this year and then have a great gift for someone.
You're gonna have to buy a copy for yourself to see what pictures of mine made it into the book. The whole project is being done by a great group of people doing positive things, so this will be my last time trying to get you to buy a copy BUT you should really pick one up. Thanks in advance.

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