Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Official

TIFS is now 2 years old. I'll just start by thanking anyone that has ever checked this out, hopefully you continue to do so. What better way to celebrate than with a little brunch? Hit up a new spot I hadn't been to before, The Tallest Poppy. They apparently have a few vegan options for brunch so why not hit a new spot up? They had 3 options on this day but I didn't feel like muesli so it was a little split between Nate and myself. The selections were: Tofu scrambler, which tasted really good and came with hashbrowns,
and pancakes. The best vegan pancakes I have had at a restaurant in Winnipeg, plus the syrup had whole blueberries in it!
Not pictured is the humongous fruit platter they brought out for us all while we were waiting. That was a nice touch! Once again thanks to everyone for checkin up on this site and stay along for the ride.


XshyX said...

Congratulations! I've found TIFS to be very informative in the short time I've been following it.

lionamelie said...

wow that looks delicious!