Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie and Music

Alright this is gonna be quick. I recently saw a preview for a movie starring Willem "Primo Box" Dafoe and it looked quite promising. I have had a jones for horror flicks for a while and this seems like it could give me a fix. For some reason Willem Dafoe's movies seem to draw me in. He's done some pretty classic work so check it out.
Now for the music. I saw Coldplay when they came to Winnipeg and it was the best arena band that I have seen. I normally get so bored at huge shows and just want to go home but they had something about them that kept me interested and it could very well be one of the best shows I see all year. This video just came out and it is quite visually pleasing as well as being a really good song so enjoy it.
Like I said, nice and quick.

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XshyX said...

It was an awesome show,thanks again for inviting for me.