Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Big Weekend

One of my bros was in town on this last weekend and we started it all off with a nice little brunch. Sarde was there.
As well as Billy. You might recognize that french toast from a previous post and you would be correct except that this version has caramelized peaches on it.
After a big ol brunch we headed down to The Albert for a little lunch action. Bloggin the blogger before he enjoys a nice liked baked tofu sandwich and sweet potato fries.
After two great meals I had to get Billy to the Football Stadium and here he is. Silverstein sighting. *edit* Just before Silverstein played Theory of a Dead Man was on a different stage and played longer than they were supposed to and Shane opened with "give it up for Nickelback everybody". By far the best part of that whole day fest right there in one sentence. Serious LOLz.
Please tell me you know who this is.
If you don't, Nate will provide some assistance.
Silverstein's trailer got all kinds of messed up so they were stranded in beautiful Winnipeg for longer than they had planned. We took advantage of this situation and went out for a nice Sunday dinner to Delicious Vegetarian. Shane and Billy with that Silverstein money.
Someone enjoying my favorite falafel of all time while being watched over by the work safe bear.
Other than the constant downpour it turned out to be a great weekend. See you back here in September Billy!

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