Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ultimate Breed

Way behind from busy and being back at work. Let's get right to it with the little spur of the moment trip I took with Rich to Calgary for the 10 for $10 tour. Started off finding out that this was happening in Regina.
Yeah we missed it and I'm pretty damn sure that we are all bummed. There is no need to hide it. Nothing from the trip out there, getting up at 4 after maybe three hours of sleep makes for a relatively uneventful ride. Started off our short stay in Calgary at Veggie House and got the taro root app.
Had the ginger veggie beef that they make completely in house, which is really nice.
I decided to only cover my favorite parts of the meal for this post. Obviously we had a few more dishes but these two were by far the best. The next day we hit Buddha's for lunch since I have been fiending on this place for about and around two years or more. I was so excited to finally get to eat there again. Started off with the ever so classic dry ribs. Pretty much a vegan version of popcorn chicken.
I could eat these everyday, but that wouldn't exactly be the healthiest choice I could make. Next app up was the drumsticks. A maraschino cherry pretty much makes anything good. These guys even had the stick in them and everything going for that authentic feeling.
Onto the mains! Mango chicken with coconut rice. This guy is a little costly but oh so worth it.
A nice and simple veggie pepper beef shanghai noodle dish that was just really really good.
Apparently we forgot to get the ginger beef since it is out of this world. I guess I gotta go back to Calgary and I'm fine with that. This is how two men do lunch in Calgary.
No biggie, it's just the moshmutant twatting.
Here was the flyer for the show that we fixed up so that it reflected what was actually taking place and not misleading people.
A little pre show meal or the meal that took place while the bands we didn't care to see played. We hit up The Coup on 17th ave. It was a pretty natural/organic place that was wind powered and not super fried like the previous places we hit. I started off with a little fresh squeezed lemon limeade. Next level.
The app, cajun tempeh sticks with dijon maple dipping sauce.
Peanut satay salad was next up for me. Steamed broccoli and sauteed tofu on rice vermicelli with some greens and peanut satay sauce. I was so stoked to eat this. It felt like I was getting back to relatively good eating and fueling myself with a cleaner fuel. I would def grab this on the next trip to Calgary.
My little dessert creation, thanks to the cooperative staff, was the creamsicle float. Beautiful.
On the way back home we documented some of the magic that happens on truck stop bathroom stall walls. These just happen to be from the same truckstop somewhere between Winnipeg and Calgary, happy hunting.
There are some crazy people in the world, that is all I'm sayin.

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