Monday, August 30, 2010

One Cuisine, All The Time

Well, I hope this isn't getting boring due to every meal that's been up here in the last while has been of the Mexican persuasion. Maybe that's due to the lack of great restaurants in Winnipeg that serve this particular cuisine or just based solely on the fact that it is delicious. This time there was one minor difference...the BBQ was involved. The Baja styled grilled tofu tacos from Veganomicon were made last night and it was a joint effort between Chill and myself. I basically manned the BBQ and she took care of the rest. Tofu was marinated, grilled and then "shredded" to make the taco style very easy. Homemade slaw, homemade lime-cilantro-creme sauce, avocado and salsa were all put in with the tofu on some grilled corn tortillas. Serve that with a little black bean and corn salad and you have yourself a plate something like this.
If your dinner is that delicious, why not follow it up with some homemade ice cream of the mint cookies n creme variety? Pretty much a rhetorical question on this particular evening as you can see.Summer is officially I over and I already miss Sardé.

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