Sunday, August 15, 2010

La Bamba!

Once again, another delayed post. Sometimes I just get behind on this and that is just a fact. I got a compliment on this blog last night so that gave me the ambition to actually get another post up! Here is the late celebration dinner at the new mexican spot La Bamba. We started off with a little bean dip app which was simple but delicious with the house cut and cooked tortilla chips.
The main course was an enchilada with a chipotle sauce amongst other things. I didn't write it down and do not feel like waiting on the menu to load currently. The homemade tortillas were great and the sauce complimented it well. The only thing I found to be weird was that they used tofurky deli slices as the "meat" in the dish. I could be wrong, but smoked veggie turkey doesn't seem like the most common item in mexican dishes.
All in all it's another option for a nice meal in a good atmosphere and Mexican food in general is hard enough to find in Winnipeg. I would return as there is another item on the menu that I really want to try. Another scintillating restaurant review for all of my faithful followers out there! I didn't take my camera to the other new Mexican joint in Winnipeg, but that may have been my first actual bad review of a place I have eaten watch yourself.

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