Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food Tour Stage 2

The next and final stop on the recent food tour was Padmanadi in Edmonton and it blew my mind. I will apologize now if my diction regresses into blunt profanities and such but there is a reason for it! Started off with some apps then a couple mains and dessert. The mains were very very good but just didn't lend themselves to really nice pics in my opinion so I left them out of this post. If you hit this spot, I'm sure you'll be more than intrigued with the selection of mains on the menu and if you aren't sure hit me up and I will educate you! Now, onto the mains. Started off with salty "chicken" strips. These guys remind me of the dry ribs from Buddha's in Calgary and I absolutely adore those. Add some sweet chili sauce and they may have taken the crown for this particular appetizer!
Follow that up with some satay skewers and it's like a took a trip to NYC for some Red Bamboo at a much smaller price tag with all the delicious flavor. Just the memories alone were enough to make me fall in love with this app. Once again, all I can say is amazing.
Motherfuckin Strawberry Lavender Creme Brulee!!!!
This dessert blew my mind and like I warned earlier, words escaped and profanities and shortness abounded. One of my favorite places to eat in Canada. Do yourself a favor and try it out if you're anywhere nearby. That brings the food tour to a close, hope it was as enjoyable as it was delicious.

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