Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food Tour Stage 1

I recently had a little weekend getaway and here is a portion of the fruits of my so called labor. Regina was the first stop and it's somewhere I hadn't been in quite some time even though I have a bunch of good friends there. The food situation usually isn't the best thing ever in regards to the world of veganism, but we made it work this time around. Some people say to save the best for last, I disagree. Here it is!
Yeah, you already know that its Dylan's Famous Lemonade.
That was followed up the veggie burger, which was actually pretty good. A nice homemade patty with fresh veggies on a good bun and great sauce. Fries done damn near perfect as well. For Regina, I am not complaining and would return.
Thanks The Fainting Goat for a good meal, great atmosphere and a good time spent with some friends. The guilty parties are Juicy, Tommy and Emily(pics taken voyeur style while driving to the goat).
The next and final stage of the food tour is coming sooner than later and it's more than worth a wait!

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