Friday, June 4, 2010

TO Time

Ahhh yes, the lame post names continue. Who doesn't like a theme though? The long bus ride from Montreal to Toronto was so worth it to spend time with great friends and meeting some new ones along the way. I didn't really get to many new spots so I didn't bother with reblogging all the same stuff. I did however mobile blog the one raw spot not so long ago, which was the most timely post this bad boy has seen in a while. I'm sure you can understand that and appreciate only new stuff. One spot I had been dying to try for some time was Hibiscus. I was rewarded for my wait time, that's all I know. Here are the crepes with syrup, fresh fruit and pistachio (closest) and chai ice cream.This mid day treat was pretty much a meal in itself and affordable for the amount of things that came on the plate. I need to make it to this spot again. Now I figured we would use this pretty flower as a nice place to end.

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