Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Love

This could quite possibly be the most delayed post in the history of TIFS. I have slacked on showing my new favorite restaurant in Toronto some love. That situation gets rectified now. One Love is a small and warm welcoming spot that serves up amazing vegan Jamaican fare. I'm not going to waste any of your time and just go for the jugular with their famous corn soup. Unreal, is the only way to describe it.
Another seriously great dish which did not want to make itself look good is the jamaican pumpkin roti. So simple yet so delicious. Upon my last visit I found out that you can mix and match roti fillings and my life was changed, cannot wait for my next trip to TO.
Only because the photo turned out kinda nice was the bean curd and lima bean meal. It was my least favorite of everything in this post which is saying quite a bit. It was still great, don't be fooled.
BBQ tofu stirfry served with fried plantains and avocado. This dish is so simple yet so amazing. Nothing too fancy other than a good home cooked meal. Sometimes you wish you had a different home and this could be the reason why.
A little Razzle Dazzle to wash it all down. That would be an organic raspberry lemonade. I would in my top 3 lemonades of all time.
Coconut cupcake for dessert? Why yes, I will indulge.
Needless to say, Ben and I had a great meal and a rough walk home. One Love does not skimp on portion size or flavor so keep this in mind if you are fortunate enough to dine there at any time in your life. This place is on my "go there every time you're in Toronto" list and that's relatively high praise. Goodnight.

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