Friday, June 4, 2010

Mtl Munchies

It's been a minute so forgive me for that as well as my super cheesy post titling job! Let's recap the delicious treats I had while I was in Montreal a couple weeks ago. I started off with a nice long walk to Aux Vivres for what turned out to be the best BLT I have ever had.
Now let me break this down a bit, the B in this particular BLT is smoked coconut. Blew my mind. I couldn't just enjoy the sandwich, I had to let other people know how ridiculous that thing was. It is a must try if you enjoy delicious food. There was also some delicious roasted potatoes you might have seen hiding behind the sammie. Not pictured was the pina colada smoothie and the chocolate banana pie that I had. Both got the job more than done. Insert the bad part of the trip here. Now we move on to the next good meal which happened at Chu Chai and was a precursor to a bus ride to Toronto. I started off with some little wonton like apps that had a filling I can't remember and some standard dipping sauce.
Here is some salt and pepper mock duck. Very simple and to the point and very delicious.
I find that thai food in general doesn't carry over very well when I'm taking pics of it for this thing. I had one more dish that was a veggie chicken thing with eggplant and such but it just didn't look great as stir fries don't usually tend to. However, this isn't me complaining about the restaurant as it was a great meal. The only thing that you should be prepared to do if you eat here is spend money, since it is not cheap. Thanks for holding out for these oh so timely posts! Playoff everything is happening and the World Cup is ONE WEEK AWAY!

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