Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today And The Future

Just a reminder, this event is happening later today and if you're in Winnipeg you should check it out. We were hanging the art last night and there are some great pieces at more than affordable prices.
The following Saturday also has a great event taking place for the people who have been devastated in Chile. Come out and enjoy some "cool" treats. Make sure that you show up early and bring your own tupperware if you plan on buying a few things to decrease waste and your treat carrying life all the more efficient!
Hope to see a ton of new and familiar faces at both of these events. Please repost these posters anywhere you see fit to help get the word out. Thanks!


XshyX said...
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XshyX said...

I hope this one is as successful as the last one!
I'm going to put up a couple posters at work to help spread the word.

Lorraine James said...

Trying to spread the word.